How The Rustic Flag Company was created

The Rustic Flag Company was founded by Justin Scott, an Army combat veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF III). The very first flag was created in his garage while trying to replicate a wooden version of his DCU Combat patch, a stained design with the touch of hand chiseled stars.  A friend purchased the item as an anniversary present for her husband, and soon thereafter, several friends were seeking to buy one of these fantastic pieces. Popularity grew very quickly over social media, and so did the demand. Justin asked his fellow veteran friends to join in the venture and attempt to create a company based around Military values and ethics. This company would provide a premium quality hand made product, while utilizing local American owned businesses to supply the necessary materials. Since the start of business, we have become the nation's largest consumer of 1X American Spruce and have sold over 65,000 flags which were all handcrafted in Tennessee. Our mission is to continue to grow the business in order to provide Veterans and their families with a stable job, great wages, and a top notch work environment. We now employ 45 individuals who are Veterans themselves or are the family of Veterans.